Big News: We’re Geneva-Bound!

We’re writing to share some exciting news: We’re moving to Switzerland.

You read that right… WE’RE MOVING TO SWITZERLAND! In less than a month!

We are relocating our family to Switzerland because Scott has accepted an opportunity at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which is based in Geneva.

After the year we’ve all had, I’m sure that many can relate that there is absolutely nothing more thrilling or invigorating than the idea of a couple years abroad, with all of Europe’s most amazing sights, sounds and tastes so readily accessible. I’ve hardly been able to contain my daydreams of wanderlust now that it’s been ignited once again. I’m learning French (Geneva’s native language) via the Duolingo App and following Switzerland-based Instagrammers with reckless abandon.

Our new home: Geneva!



There are still a few things to be worked out but it’s looking like we’re departing on Friday, April 16th.


Moving now, while COVID still has its grip on the world, is admittedly a bit daunting. To be far and somewhat cut-off from our families will be challenging. But on the other hand, things seem to improve by the day, at least here in the US. Europe has had some challenges, but hopefully by summer, things should be progressing nicely allowing us to move around safely. And, at the very least, getting to have our treasured “family walks” in the cobbled streets of Old Town Geneva sounds like a nice change of pace after a year of wandering around the winding neighborhoods in Arlington.


Luckily, I’ve spent nearly the last 5 years working as a freelance writer and producer. I plan to continue on doing just what I have been, just in a different time zone. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I work all.the.time. — so I’m sure I’ll be working often on EST hours since that’s conveniently after bedtime!

Oh, and I’m sure it might be especially handy to have a Europe-based producer with a car ready to jump in to facilitate international shoots as needed! (Hint, hint 😘)


So, funny thing… I’ve never been to Geneva! But Scott has! In a normal world, we would have planned a quick weekend to scope it out once we knew that we’d be moving there. However, the pandemic has left the internet as my main guide, so we’ve been scouring YouTube videos, Instagram and blogs as our source of information and inspiration. (This one featuring the best Swiss Villages is one of the best videos we’ve found.)

From what I’ve learned, Geneva is a small, walkable city. It’s known more often for its abundance of financial business and international diplomacy rather than its culture. However, it’s very clean and safe and has an abundance of parks and green space. The historic Old Town is gorgeous. Also, it’s located on the beautiful Lake Geneva with the stunning Jet d’Eau fountain as a pretty focal point. All of this makes it feel very accessible and family-friendly — which is just perfect for us right now. (Plus, fondue and chocolate… need I say more?)

Also, Geneva is very centrally located to many places we can’t wait to visit. We’ll have our car and won’t hesitate to go out exploring.

Here are a few places that we can drive to within an hour or so:

Lavaux, Switzerland — a UNESCO world heritage site including walkable, terraced vineyards with epic views of the lake. (1 hour drive)

Photo Credit – / Scholz

Gruyères, Switzerland — Cheese (and chocolate) in a picturesque, walkable small-town…? Sign me up! (1.5 hr drive)

Photo credit:

Lyon, France — Did I mention Geneva’s right over the border from France? It’s so close, many drive to France to go grocery shopping since it’s much cheaper there. Lyon is France’s 3rd largest city and looks to be a beautiful place for a city break. (1 hr, 45 minutes)

Photo Credit: Telegraph Travel / ROSSHELEN

Needless to say, we’ll be putting a lot of miles on our car, “Bernie.”


As I mentioned earlier, the native language in Geneva is French, and in French “Geneva Journées” literally translates to “Geneva Days.” Both accurate and also appropriate with a little wink to our epic journey as well.


I’m going to try to document our time abroad here as interesting things happen. So stay tuned… more to come soon! Oh, and if you have any tips or travel recommendations for us, please share them in a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Big News: We’re Geneva-Bound!

  1. WOWOW! Super excited for the transition. I hope it isn’t too long! I’ll be getting back to DC from the UK right after you leave. If you need anyone to follow up on anything, let me know? It has been far too long since we’ve gotten a chance to hang out, but I’m hoping this year and vaccines might at least make that possible again. Congrats on the new job and the new spot. Geneva is a bit sterile, but beautifully so. You’re going to love the scenery and it is so close to so much!

    1. Thanks Paul!! It’s too bad our timing is such that we’ll miss you, but I’m sure we’ll see you again soon. We’ll be back to visit sometime soon — hurry up vaccines!

      And that’s exactly what I’m picturing Geneva to be like. Excited to explore as much as possible since it’s so central.

  2. Bon Voyage! I was so excited for you all when I heard the news. I have been to Luczerne Switzerland and highly recommend it! I will happily be following along as best I can… It’s so soon! Happy trails ❣️✈️🇨🇭

    1. Hi Lise– we’re so bummed we’re unable to make a Chicago trip before we leave. (Dumb covid!) But we hope to see you on a return visit soon. I went to Lucerne FOREVER ago, and just for a day. We’re definitely going to make a stop there at some point during our stay. xoxo 💕

  3. I am very happy for your whole family! I have been to Geneva several times, most recently as a member of the US Delegation to the International Labour Organization, and as you know, there’s lots to see and do. I expect to travel twice to France this year, and can perhaps be able to call on you in Geneva.

    1. Roger — it would be absolutely wonderful to see you. Please stay in touch — hopefully conditions will improve so we could have a nice visit.

  4. What an amazing adventure. My granddaughters will be exposed to so many varied sites, foods and differences in language that they can’t help but develop into the type of well-rounded individuals that most people can only dream about. Our older granddaughter, Evie, can already count to ten in French as well as speak a few words other than English. Evie is three years old. We can’t wait to visit them—Oh, yes, as well as their parents.

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