Europa Park: The Best Theme Park You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard of this German theme park? 🎢

If you’re in the U.S. — and I know a lot of you are — chances are you’re just like me. I hadn’t heard of Europa Park in Rust, Germany until a few weeks ago. But we recently headed there for 2-day trip and I have to say… they’ve now got a lifelong fan. I’m a Disney girl, and in many ways it’s even better!! It was seriously *that* incredible. Let me break it down…


Europa Park is huge! To put it in perspective, it’s about double the size of the Magic Kingdom in Florida. It has 100+ rides (including 13 coasters), countless shows and live entertainment and also crazy good, affordable food. It’s beautifully themed throughout, with 13 different areas. Most of the areas are based on a European country and they go all out! And don’t even get me started in the flowers! The whole vibe when walking around is just one of constant wonder — It’s really a feast for the senses.


As I mentioned, there are 100+ rides spread throughout the various themed areas. Adrenaline junkies will love the 13 coasters. When it’s hot, there are 12 water rides at the park to cool you off — including a water coaster, which totally blew my mind. There are classics, like the rocking pirate ship, tea cups and those kind of whirl-you-round-on-a-track kind of ride. And plenty of slower rides —yet impeccably themed— good for even the youngest guests. I was really impressed with how projection technology was integrated into so many rides. Made unexpected attractions really feel alive and cutting edge. Also, other than the big thrill rides, we were able to walk right on to nearly everything. It was incredible! Though I can say that I found a few favorites– ha!


There are 6 hotels on site— all elaborately themed. Most featuring European destinations. (Think: Portugal, Spain and Italy). Though we stayed at a very reasonable and just-renovated Air BnB the next town over and it worked great. However, if you can swing it I’d definitely suggest staying on property for convenience and a few perks like early entry. 


$104 for an adult 2-day pass$86 for a child 2-day pass. Under 4 is free…and kids up to 12 are free on their birthdays.


They’re reducing the number of people inside the park. Masks are required in all queues and on all rides, and many people wore them walking around too. Social distancing markers on the ground to encourage proper spacing in lines. Also, all ticket holders need to provide proof of full vaccination or negative test to be allowed to enter. (Testing facilities are available on site.)


There are a few things that look like direct Disney rip-offs:

  • Pirates of Batavia (a dark boat ride that has some parallels to Pirates of the Caribbean… but with a different cultural angle.)
  • The EPCOT-like golf ball that anchor’s the France area
  • The park’s mascot is a character named Ed Euromaus… a mouse! 

Yeah, that’s all pretty obvious. But when you offer SO MUCH you can afford a little duplication. And beyond that, it really does feel original. I can’t hate on it because it’s just *that nice* in general.


The food was an unexpected treat at Europa Park. First, it was really good, and cheap— which for theme park food is pretty incredible all on its own. But also I was blown away by the sheer variety of food offered there that tied into the lands it was in. (Think: fresh fire-roasted salmon in Scandinavia,  gyros in Greece, or freshly-made bomboloni donuts filled with delicate vanilla creme in Italy.) Most of it seemed quality and made fresh on site by real people— seems like such a rarity when it comes to theme parks. There were cocktail carts and biergartens and just basically anything you’d ever possibly be in the mood for, you’d have it. Come hungry! (Though if you really wanted to, you’re allowed to bring your own food in, too. I saw people rolling in with COOLERS!)


11/10! If you like theme parks, or even if you don’t, I’d wager that you’d be just as charmed with Europa Park as I am. There is literally something for everyone. We’re already planning our next visit for later this fall!

Have you been to @europapark? Do you agree with my review? Drop anything I might have missed in the comments below. ⬇️ 

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