Hi, I’m Chris!

Some of you may know me from PackedSuitcase.com, where I wrote about incredible destinations in the Mid-Atlantic US off and on for the past 10+ years. But my family and I are embarking on an incredible adventure… one that warrants its very own home base online.

In Spring 2021, my family and I are packing up to take this show on the road and are soon headed across the ocean to our new home in Geneva, Switzerland!

So… I’m excited to welcome you to Geneva Journées!

The native language in Geneva is French, and in French “Geneva Journées” literally translates to “Geneva Days.” Both accurate and also appropriate with a little wink to our epic journey as well.

Our move to Geneva wasn’t planned far in advance, but an opportunity came up for my husband to transfer there with a new job and we jumped at the chance! We have 2 young daughters and getting to spend their early years in Switzerland is quite literally a dream come true.

I have a European bucket list that grows larger by the day, and I can’t wait to share our sure-to-be-many European travels here.

À bientôt… See you soon!

E, Scott, Q and I